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We are different. We want you to love your results.

Our talented team of clinical professionals is dedicated and rigorously trained. We combine our experience with advances in the best-on-the-market medical technology to give you your dream body, skin, and hair with a one-stop-shop experience. Our patients’ comfort is of the utmost importance during every treatment we provide.

Steve Gutwillig FNPc, MSN

What’s Happening at NV

emsculpt equipment on womans abdomen

We now offer the NEW EMSCULPT Neo at our location!

The only 2 in 1 system, these non-invasive body shaping treatments help you to build muscle and lose fat at the same time. Able to treat patients up to BMI 35, this technology expands options for even more patients. EmSculpt NEO offers approximately 15 to 20% additional fat loss and 15% more muscle mass) due to the added radiofrequency (RF) energy emitted during treatment.

Why pay for Trusculpt 3D when you can get it for FREE in the EmSculpt NEO?
The same six 30 min treatments with twice the fat loss and muscle tone that no other system offers. Imagine 20,000 crunches, 18,000 tricep extensions, or 22,000 lunges done in 30 min. No pain, and no downtime, ever!

Your Goals, Our Results

Whether you are interested in improved aesthetics, anti-aging, or wellness, your treatment is tailored to address your specific goals. View our gallery of before and after images to view real results.

before and after of a womans abdomen

What Our Clients Say

Steve and his staff made me feel so comfortable throughout every treatment. I can tell that they genuinely care about their patients and it made all the difference in my experience. I’ll never go anywhere else!

Lucy D.

Steve is super technical and extremely knowledgeable in his skills, products and technology. What I found to be the difference with Steve is his genuine concern and commitment to his clients’ satisfaction. 

Jenn W.

Even after one session, you feel it! You feel good, you’re holding your body better, and your stomach is actually tighter. I can do it on my lunch break, doesn’t affect anything afterward. I’m not incapacitated at all!

Blaine F.